One Photo Focus -January, Laura Macky

January 2016……..amazing huh? I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Great New Year’s Eve. Another month and another One Photo Focus, this time from Laura Macky. I adore  Laura’s images so I really wanted to do justice to this one.

January OPF_5

  1. First I masked out the sky (not enough drama), and added in a new cloudy, stormy sky.
  2. Then in Topaz Adjust and ran a HDR Filter over it
  3. Then I added a peeling painted texture to the boat, as well as a rust texture on a separate layer, masking out all other areas
  4. Intensified the hue and saturation
  5. Added a abstract layer to give some additional colour and texture, especially to the grassy areas on the bottom and left, but masking out the boat, I wanted to keep the peeling paint and rust
  6. I then added the map as an over lay and masked out various areas I thought I didn’t need it
  7. I then applied a colour burn layer and brushed in additional colour to the image, more mauve in the sky, more yellow and red in the foreground
  8. Using special cloud brushes I added in more storm clouds
  9. Painted in additional colour and depth in the clouds
  10. Then ran it through Topaz Restyle and gave it a moody, stormy feel.
  11. Finally ran a frame around it

I did a few other versions as well (Painting and B&W, and Laura’s Original are below)…………but I was really happy with this one. Don’t forget to visit Stacy’s page to see all the other version

Til next time, happy snapping………