Imagecraft Bootcamp – Introspective

Mitch asks us to attempt to run our own Introspective Gallery on photos posted this last 12 months. This both daunting and frustrating, I have posted so many photos, but my favourite is always the one I just took.

So here is my gallery, the very first is my latest artistic shot – Angel, I spent several hours in the studio experimenting with lighting and minimal props. I love the moody, dramatic low key lighting. The rest of the shots I found in my media library, I picked the images that spoke to me, and still do. One thing I have noticed over the last twelve months is my sense of the dramatic. There is colour but I still tend to favour a more dramatic light; especially with people and animals. Perhaps my style is starting to emerge?

til next time, happy new year for 2016, travel safe and happy snapping


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