Creative B&W Photography

Angel of LightI was playing around in the studio with a friend’s daughter, who had graciously agreed to help me out on a little project. I wanted to play around with some different lighting styles and effects.

We kept it very simple, a full moon backdrop, and then just the simple brick wall of the studio. A softbox and a light with umbrella, as well as a reflector (my daughter was my assistant), no flash. Obviously I had my camera on a tripod. It was a pleasant way to spend a morning with the girls.


Granted not all are B&W, but some are so desaturated there is almost no colour left. I wanted a dramatic, moody, low key effect. The lantern shots were actually the most challenging, we tried using the little tea light as the only light source, but Caity found it difficult to hold still……..hence the pencil sketch effect. The final image I used Photoshop to add the glow in.



I was sort of going for old 50’s police line up/gangster style Hollywood; I know weird combination. Lost, forlorn, dramatic, artistic. I was quite happy with my shots………after spending the rest of the hot summer afternoon in the AC on the PC!