Manic Mondays

This is a scheduled Post…… the time this goes live I will be neck deep in my 9-5 job after nearly a month off, and even though I am happy to get up at 4am for a photo shoot, I begrudge getting up early for work, so I can write a post – sorry, sad but true!

So I am back to regularly scheduling, my life of leisure and adventure for the summer, has gone back to weekends and evenings, so be it. Got to pay the bills somehow, right? So it was a fabulous Summer, we did our week long trip down the great ocean road. You can check out the links here, if you missed them.

We did some fabulous day trips and spur of the moment family fun, with both girls home over Christmas, it was a lovely quiet time to catch up.

Took the whole family down the beach one lovely summer evening (Pics from Instagram), the dogs loved the beach…….Buddy (right) hates water, but dove straight into the water and Miss Chloe, found a fondness for chasing seagulls!

Awake and Creative B&W

This year I am continuing on from the Photoshop Grunge Artistry I did last year and have signed up for January’s Creative B&W and the year long Awake course. For those who have already done it, you will know it’s sure to be an adventure.

Never give up


I still have a few more posts to come this week on the Great Ocean Road trek, and then more Lighthouses and Shipwrecks, which I might roll out every Friday. There are some old and new challenges, which I will continue as well. I might shake things up a bit this Month, but I will wait and see.

Til next time, happy snapping…..