Great Ocean Road – Day 6, Part 1

Due to the many images, I have split this day’s travels into 2 parts

Picked the worst hotel in Portland it seemed, woke in agony. But at least we didn’t spend too much time there, as we planned a sunrise shoot back at Whaler’s Bluff. It was not very cold, but cloudy and we had hoped it might dissipate, but by the time sunrise hit, the sea mist was back with a vengeance and we could see nothing. All thoughts of a return trip to Cape Nelson lighthouse, the wind farms and a few others items became apparent; just were not worth the time. We wandered around town, stop by a few old churches, the town hall and artillery hill, then headed to Cape Bridgewater. We even spotted a peacock just ambling along the side of the road?

Cape Bridgewater was almost a lost cause, no seals by sea cruise, nor whale watching for me. We drove out to the Petrified Forest (Not a real forest), and the Blow Hole where one can usually see whales at this time of year – no show for us.

We drove out to Nelson (on the S.A. border) and decided that inland might be the way to go. Spoke to the Information lady who suggested we try Mt Gambier and possibly the Sink Hole Gardens and then Tantaloola Caves; as they are easier to negotiate than the Rose Caverns at Nelson. The further we headed inland the hotter it became, but at least the sea mist eventually disappeared.

I will leave it here for now and continue the rest of Day 6 in another post.