Manic Mondays

After a relaxing Holiday break I have come back and hit the ground running, (Not literally, although I did hit the ground; hard, just before Christmas – Ouch!). Anyway between my Facebook Group’s 52 Week challenge, my Creative B&W Course, my Awake Photoshop course, plus all my Blog challenges, I have more than enough to ‘challenge’ me……….let’s hope I don’t burn out. Currently I feel alive, inspired and I have a million ideas running through my head.

This started out as a self portrait, but morphed into so much more. My eyes are on the mannequin head, but the rest is straight out of my imagination, perhaps the internal me? It kind of has an Alice in Wonderland Feel………..but I kind of feel like I followed the white rabbit. Not quite the red or the blue pill, but my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities. I have decided 2016 is a year of deeper learning.

Artistic Self

So what’s on for this week? I have so many projects, it’s a matter or finding the time and my models, but I know I will arrange it all eventually. I have signed up for a natural light photography class on Tuesday evening, so that should prove interesting. I have finally bought myself a speed light, now I am trying to learn that, perhaps I should do a lesson for this as well?

I am hosting a day out at some local gardens with my Facebook Photography Group on Saturday, my first official hosting duties! A little nervous, and I am not sure why, it’s not like I don’t know them and I’m not teaching anything (unlike a Astro 101 night I have planned for next month – scary!) There is also a fairy parade in the city on Sunday (kind of like the Zombie walk, but for fairies). Should be fun.

I have a post on a day trip we did last weekend to Ballarat, and some more Lighthouse and ship wrecks. I really want to get out and do some more sunrises or at least sunsets……… track record with sunrise truly sucks, but I just have to get off the PC and shoot some sunsets.

Well that’s about it…………..til next time, have a great week, stay safe & happy snapping,