Travel Theme – Routine

This week’s Travel Theme by Wheresmybackpack is Routine. It’s funny what we consider routine, I mean I get up each morning, feed the cats, put the dog out, make a coffee, shower and get dressed………..I have no photos of this, I don’t think I even register this; it just happens. I go to work, I take lots of photos and I spend an awful lot of time on the pc editing and creating art. I have no photos of this either………..even when I am in the throes of creating, to anyone else it would seem mundane. But looking over my images for the last 12 months, my life has become anything but, routine. I spend as much time as possible on adventures; whether that is overseas, interstate, along the coast, down the beach or in my own backyard.

I am having the time of my life, and plan on doing much more of the same, so I guess my routine has become a little like this…….clean camera gear, pack camera gear, set up camera gear……..take photos of amazing places or people, pack up and repeat. I have met so many amazing people in this bloggosphere, made what I hope are some life long friendships that encourage me and inspire me for many years to come. These people drag me kicking and screaming (well only occasionally) completely out of my comfort zone and have taught me so much about so many different things, not just photography.

It’s a shame that it all took a near death experience to re boot my life (as I have heard time and time again from various people), it only seems you only miss something once you (almost) lose it. There is a line in a song (sorry the song escapes me at the moment) about only the dying truly enjoy life………..well maybe not enjoying it, but defiantely appreciating it.  It’s kind of like how youth is wasted on the young………they never appreciate it either.

sorry this turned into a rather long post, which I never intended……..rant over 🙂

Til next time, enjoy!