I mentioned a little while back that I have signed up for the extended photoshop artistry course run by Sebastian Michaels – AWAKE! I must say it is a fabulous community to be apart of, just alone the Facebook page where you can ask questions and bounce ideas of some VERY creative people. You can also get great constructive critism on images, as well as helpful hints and tips along the way.

Then there are the tutorials, the videos, cheat sheets, bonus content and everything else that goes with it. Honestly it is worth every cent, as was the Basic Photoshop Artistry grunge course and the Creative B&W course I am also doing through out January. Sebastian, gives so much in depth knowledge and information in each and every video. My art has grown expedentially in just a few short months, I cannot wait to see what happens in a year from now.

I will leave it here for now with my few bigger pieces so far for the year, was not sure whether to call the first oneย What dreams may come or Never give up.

Never Give Up
Home (with my Grandparent’s wedding photo)
Moon Serenade
Moon Serenade
Industrial Disease
Industrial Disease