52 Week Challenge – Week 1 & 2

I decided to take part in a 52 Week Challenge Hosted by one of my Facebook Groups, they are also running a 365 Day Challenge, but with everything else I have taken on board so far this year, I decided that it was not something I could really commit too. And if I could not commit, what was the point? 1 Weekly Photos I was pretty sure I could keep up with. I thought perhaps I could also post them here………it’s now week 2 officially, so I need to play catch up. Although I have used both pics in other posts…….in future I will try not to double up.

The RulesΒ –Β  Your Weekly photo can be uploaded at any time but must be taken within the week Saturday through Friday

Week 1 – Photographer’s Choice


Our first week was Photographer’s Choice and I had just visited the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens to shoo the Boat House, seemed fitting.

Week 2 – Blue

Week2, Blue

We did not go ‘out’ to shoot this week, so I set up some stuff in the studio to practice working with light and created my own Blue from objects around the house

Next week is seasonal, I have many shoots this weekend in and around Melbourne, so I am sure I can find something, failing all else there are always Summer berries!