Creative B&W Assignments

Well I have now completed my first two assignments for the Creative B&W Course, two down, two to go. I must admit to being just a touch excited when my first piece, Angel was selected and discussed in Sebastian’s wrap up video. True, so many others were also selected, but to see mine on the screen and he said that it was very well shot, lit, converted to B&W and the artistic touches were very well done, I went all warm and fuzzy inside.

Week 1 was really to take an interesting photo and convert it to an even more interesting B&W


Week 2 assignment was to take three pictures and to treat them all similarly, but differently and to have them tell a tale or story. So I came up with Once Upon a Time, all three images have been treated using Lightroom, Photoshop or Topaz B&W. Adding age and drama with film emulsions, dust & scratches and texture layers.

Til next time, happy snapping………..