Summer Outings – Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

When it gets hot and humid in Melbourne there are two options really (three if you include sitting inside under the AC)………the Beach or the Mountains. I like going to the Mountains, one thing it is quieter and there are less people, plus it is usually cooler.

So we recently headed off to Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Olinda, we went last year but there was no water in the lake. So we have always wanted to go back. This is one of those gardens you could easily visit in each season and see the gardens completely differently.

If you follow the (steep) winding path or follow the (even stepper) stairs you will eventually get to the lake at the bottom of the gardens and the gorgeous little boat house…….to be honest this is why I came. I dragged my backpack of camera gear and filters and my tripod so I could do some long exposures of this serene piece of paradise.

I guess the biggest problem was that it was actually quite busy this Sunday morning, but not so busy as to be a problem. Just a little patience was required. Unfortunately I seemed to be having technical difficulties this day and my filters (although brilliant for sunset and beach) did not like the dark mountains rain forest and I seem to have a horrible grainy red line across my long exposures. I really need to get my sensor cleaned I think!

Just up the road is the smaller, less visited George Tindale Gardens, quiet pleasant and supposedly a huge collection of rare plant species, but I don’t know all that much about plants to really appreciate that side of it. The Rock Garden was a waste of time, but the little bench seat over looking the lawns and rotunda was sweet and cool. There was actually another lawn area under a large tree with some statues, were families were enjoying picnics.

Til next time………….happy snapping