Natural Light Photography Workshop

As I stated in an earlier post, I have deemed 2016 my learning year. Not saying I didn’t learn a heap last year, I did. I learned how to use a camera (for the most part), now I am learning how to take a REALLY great photo, not just a good photo and learning how to do really amazing post production and creative editing. I am combining my graphic skills with my new found photography knowledge and then taking to a whole new level. In keeping with this I undertook a Natural Light Photography Workshop. You see natural light all around you, but have you actually really stopped to look at the details; how dull or bright, where it falls, the ambience in each situation? It’s harder than it looks.

Using nothing but that dreamy evening light just before sunset and a reflector/ diffuser we put our wonderful Model Kendall through her paces. The workshop was conducted by Nathan Miller and was very informative. I actually learnt a lot from fellow attendees as well. Including various focus techniques I never knew my camera even had, as well as using White Balance (I usually shoot with it on Auto). The whole shoot had a nice soft, dreamy, bohemian vibe to it (which I loved) and was so thrilled with how some of the images turned out (also had a few flops in there as well!). I generally shoot portraits in the studio with continuous lighting, so this was a real treat, with a very relaxed vibe. No rush, no pressure. It was a wonderful evening.

I will leave it there with a gallery of a few of my favourites. Every photo was shot on my Nifty 50mm Prime Lens(I forced myself, really it shouldn’t be this hard) IS0200, F/1.8 (Seriously the photos are SOOOOOOOO much better in Hi Res).

Til next time, happy snapping……..