This n That – Camera Bags

backpackWhen I bought my first DSLR a mere 14 months ago, I never knew the mine field camera bags could be, and the more people I talk to it seems I am not alone. Just having one camera bag is not enough, several different ones are called, each for different reasons and occasions.

Way back when, I bought a basic over the shoulder type bum bag. It was a good bag and I even still occasionally use it, but it became apparent very quickly it was too small. So I bought another bag, this time a backpack. It fits a camera, a spare lens, my lens cleaning kit, my phone, purse and other odds and ends, I can fit my remote and filters in there as well. But that is about it. Overall not a bad all rounder. Not sure what Model it’s kind of like an older model Pro Runner.

Moth has a slightly larger version of my Backpack and we can cram in a little more stuff, an extra lens, some small filters etc. A Lowepro Pro Runner BP 450 AW II. (Actually all our bags are Lowepro……….we just like them I guess and never seem to hesitate to buy the same brand). I must admit for me it is too big and heavy, but it does have a lot more padding across the shoulders and back than my pack.

So we have those three and then we bought our new Format Hitech filter system kits and whoa nelly………..we need something else. So we got a Flipside Sport, but I think it’s the 23l version, this has become our go to bag. We can fit in the filter kits, the remote, tripod heads, a couple of extra lenses (50mm and wide angle), as well as batteries, glasses, wallets, car keys, everything EXCEPT the cameras. But we figure while we are out shooting we don’t need the cameras in the bags anyway.

So when we are going out for the day we pack most of what we want in the Flipside Sport, but if we are not sure what we need and we don’t necessarily have to carry it all we take all three! If we know exactly what we need, we travel light.

So how many camera bags have you got? Is it an obsession, finding the perfect bag? Do you have the perfect bag? If yes………….what is it?

P.S. I forgot about the new speedlight…………MOG WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT THAT? lol

Til next time, happy snapping…..



8 thoughts on “This n That – Camera Bags

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I have a good small bag and a good wheely bag. But I am always looking for a fashionable shoulder bag or cute backpack to take nice places where it would be easy to pull out my big camera and use it and maybe store one or two lenses no more. I have never been able to find one and they all seem so expensive.

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  2. I have a back pack. It is in two parts. The bottom part is great – room for another camera body and lenses. Then there are side pockets for pen and paper. On the front are smaller pockets for cell phone, filters, tripod heads, spare cards and battery etc. Then top of the bag is another big pocket – for my hat, and other gear or equipment. On the outside, on the side are two more pockets (for my lens caps) and a strap for my tripod. It is brilliant. So much room. From Kata bags. Also a water proof cover comes with it. I love it. It is the right size for my bag so it is so light to carry. it also stands really well on the floor – doesn’t flop over like some do. The price wasn’t too bad – around $170 or so but worth it.

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