Camera Clubs (A Thank You)

Firstly I just wanted to say a big warm thank you to everyone who read my rant yesterday and either supported me, offered advice, or made me laugh………THANK YOU it did make me feel wonderful.

Secondly I just wanted to let you know what happened next.

I jumped back on the page for my TOG group last night, to see this guy still abusing anyone and everyone in my private session……… was too much; time to go tell the Admins! Also everyone else in my group kept sending me thoughtful messages and telling me to stay and stand strong, and to tell this guys to chill out or piss off.

My Admins were so wonderful and quick and apologetic they didn’t see him sneak back in. His name was ****** Version2………that should have been the give away. Apparently this guy is a serial troll and has been booted off, blocked and banned from so many groups it’s not funny. Apparently he got so bad his original facebook account was removed, or something. Anyway he is now booted out again and all my group have been gathered back into the fold (so to speak) and we are all happy and friends again.

And as for the Dick from the workshop, well he is just a DICK…………….can’t win them all. Supposedly he is a great photographer he is just one of those glass half empty people and totally nervous with his workshop, maybe he has never taught before or something. Still be interesting to see what he gets up to in my workshop! Me? I’ll take the high road…………….unless he becomes a dick again and then I’ll stomp all over him!

Again a big thank you to everyone for your support