One Four Challenge – Feb, Week 4

Another month has come to an end, and our Summer in Australia is started to draw to a close. That means days are getting shorter, but not necessarily cooler; I’m hoping for a lovely Indian Summer. Week 4 is out final challenge week for this month of Robyn’s One Four Challenge and I thought I would challenge myself a little and learn a new plugin for Photoshop – Nik Analogue Effects Pro. Such a cool program.


So I took the original image (no adjustments) and opened Nik Analgue Effects. I started playing with different styles, but I really liked the Wet Plate looks for this photo. I tweaked some of the setting and added a nice lens blur to the edges, some additional noise and scratches, and added a slight rose cast to the image………I really like the fingerprints in the emulsion, such a unique touch.

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I still really love my Week 2 Image, just something about the warm tones, the abstract quality. I could see it on a large canvas.

Til next time, happy snapping…



Manic Mondays

Not so Manic this Monday, more just tired. I actually had 4 day weekend (I know, lucky me right?) due to the renovations. Mind you I did spend two days giving the house a good Spring (or is that Summer) clean. It was mostly relaxing and I have been spending a bit of time creating some art, I did a couple of soft, flowery images of my nieces.

Flower Fairy_Sm

Flower Fairy



See, not everything is dark and moody!

Last night Moth, Daughter No.1, Myself and some friends did a late night Ghost Tour of Pentridge Prison (Now closed) but it housed many infamous characters and criminals, but more on that another post; I promise. But it did mean we did not get home until very late, and then rising early this morning for the builder to complete the last areas of the deck (well I hope). I then had to come to work ūüė¶

Anyway this week, I will post the usual challenge posts, it is my first week hosting CoverMakeOver (I do hope everyone has a try at it). I haven’t really got much else to say……..I will do a post on Pentridge, once I have had time to go through the photos (I wonder if I got any ghosts?). And perhaps maybe a post on the deck. Meanwhile here is another composite image, this one has been VERY well received, I hope you like it.

Grass is greener_Sm

The Grass is always Greener

Til next time, happy snapping (yawn)…


Travel Theme – Early

This week’s Travel Theme is Early. A few months ago, Moth and I took a trip along the coast and one thing I really wanted was a sunrise photo from Cape Otway Lighthouse. Little did we know that it is closed and not accessible before mid morning, without hiking through dense scrub bushland. So our very early morning and long drive to get there netted us a long distance view of this (facing the wrong direction too).We were way too EARLY to get in through the gates.


This shot above is also facing the wrong way, such a shame as the sunrise from the car park was truly glorious.


We were however just in time to see the Koalas waking up, I’m an Aussie through and through and it still gives me a thrill to see one of these little guys up close and in the wild!


Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…


WPC – State of Mind

Photos show us the surface of things, but they often tell much deeper stories about the objects¬†they depict ‚ÄĒ and about the people who take them.

Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind

I woke up this morning, feeling flat, out of sorts and just a little blah. Not sick just a little flat. I was wandering around my house in my PJs trying to take animal portraits for another challenge and was getting a touch frustrated, and noticed the almost spent roses I got last weekend, and and though that’s how I feel today!


Coffee and a shower fixed all that, I feel more human now!

Have a great day…


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Sepia Tones Only

This week Cee has opted for a slightly different theme this week, doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is all Sepia Tones only, so I went on the hunt.I have started with just a touch and then gradually becoming darker and richer with each image.


How’s that for artistic, hehehehe. I used a variety of programmes from Lightroom, to Photoshop (Photo filters) and Nik Silver Efex and Topaz B&W.


52 Week Challenge – Week 8, Keys, Locks and Latches

This week’s theme is Keys, Locks and Latches. I was a little uninspired I must confess, and not getting out to shoot due to renovation work around the house did not help. Still I took a few shots of various keys, locks and stuff around the house and gardens.


This is just a stock standard garden shed door handle, but something caught my attention and I ran it through Nik Analog Efex for an aged, blurry effect. Kind cool, huh?


Victorian Lighthouses and Shipwrecks -Cape Nelson

DSC_1059Drawing to the very tale end of our trip along the Victorian Coast, just before Christmas (and to be honest past the end of The Great Ocean Road even) we got to Portland. I was actually quite excited to be back in Portland, as I had spent time there as a kid. There were several places I wanted to visit, alas the sea mist followed us from Port Fairy and we could see very little; additional bushfires were not helping the cause either. First cab of the rank when we arrived was Cape Nelson (not to be confused with Nelson on the S.A. border).

Built in 1884 and still standing on these rugged bluffs along with the Lighthouses Keepers Cottages (which you can actually stay in, perhaps one day, it would be a wonderful spot for sunrise). A remarkable feature of the lighthouse reserve is a rubble wall 1.75 metres high, 0.4 metres wide and 435 metres (1450 ft) long surrounding the keepers quarters and extending out to the light to protect the keepers from the harsh winds. In 1977, a major overhaul of the lantern room was undertaken and the cupola (dome) was replaced. In 1987, the light was connected mains power.

We were still battling the sea mist, which had started to blow off, but made visibility extremely limited. It honestly doesn’t look too bad in these photos, but it did make for limited viewing from the bluffs.


Because of the number of tragic shipwrecks in the vicinity; the Victorian Government had the lighthouse constructed at Cape Nelson.


Marie 1851 (not found) The barque Marie, on a voyage from Antwerp to Sydney via Adelaide, was wrecked off Cape Bridgewater in September 1851. All on board, including the Belgian Consul, were drowned.

Jane 1863 (not found) Poor visibility caused the schooner Jane to be wrecked at Cape Bridgewater in June 1863. A local resident, Waldy Hedditch, was drowned during the rescue attempt.

S.S. Barwon 1863-1871 The steamship S.S. Barwon sank in Bridgewater Bay after striking a reef off Cape Bridgewater during foggy weather. The remains of the vessel can still be seen from the cliffs overlooking the bay. (We could not see anything due to the mist).

Isabella 1826 – 1837 When Captain Hart of the Isabella mistook Lady Julie Percy Island for Cape Nelson in 1837 he plotted a course that took the barque into the cliffs of the Cape. All on board were saved.

Captain Cook 1847 – 1850 (not found) The Australian-built schooner Captain Cook was wrecked at the top of Cape Nelson Bay during a sudden southeasterly gale.

(Info from Shipwreck Trail from Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village)


Another tourist attraction of the area (which I may not have mentioned previously – due to the fact it is way to strenuous for me) is the 250 km long Great South-West Walk along the coast between Portland and Nelson. I’m sure it provides an excellent way to see a variety of scenery and wildlife in south-western Victoria.

Well that’s about it from me, til next time, happy snapping………..



Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Complementary Colours

color-wheelThis week Cee discusses Complementary Colours, these are colours that are next to each other on the wheel. As opposed to Contrasting Colours, which are colors that are opposites on the color wheel; orange and blue, red and green.

I remember learning all this in art at Secondary School, but sometimes these things are learnt and then forgotten, or you just never really notice them anymore. When I got back into art and photography after so many years, I realised how much I had NOT been taking notice of the physical world around me – not any more!

Quuenstown - 12 mile Delta

Purples, Mauves & Blues


Oranges and Yellows


Blues, Aquas and Greens

Cloude Hill Gardens

Greens and Yellows

Til next week, happy snapping…


Tech Talk – Nik Analog Efex

I don’t often review PC Software, I have done Smart Phone Apps, but Lightroom and Photoshop have been well and truly done, and by people who know far more than me. I while ago I trialled some Nik Software, HDR Pro 4, Silver Effects Pro 2 and Colour Efex Pro 4. I adored them, HDR only got used a few times, but it was fabulous, especially the B&W HDR effects! However when my trial ran out, I did miss them, but they were expensive and money only goes so far, right? Then I had heard that it been bought out and taken over by Google (is it me or are they spreading their wings, this isn’t a bid for world domination is it? ), and they have re packaged it as the Google Nik Collection, you get everything by Nik for one reasonable cost AUD$169.00, but there is a free trial if you are not sure.

Anyway, I recently decided to spread my creative wings and play with one such Program I had never used Analog Efex Pro 2. There is a brief blurb and some videos about it here. Wow, this is such a cool program, I had no idea. This gives me access at my fingertips to really old style camera effects, wet plates, blur, double exposure, light leaks and other cool stuff.

It is loaded into Photoshop or Lightroom as a plug in and then you can access add filters to the image from within those programs. This is what it looks like once launched. There are presets, tools, tool combinations (that also had presets) and then on the right is all the additional adjustments you can make; noise, light leaks, dust & scratches, lens vignette and more.


One you have the effect you like (ie Wet Plate) you can select various pre sets, add additional elements (Light leak) and then you can adjust elements and filters, so you can for instance choose from various different Dust & scratches, they each have a drop down mean and you can adjust the strength of each as well, making a truly unique filter; which you can then save as your own preset.Nik_2

Now I get these are not for everyone, but for anyone interested in digital art, or adding some cool FX to an otherwise possibly boring image, then this maybe for you. Below is a sample of just a fraction of the hundreds of FX you can achieve in this program; Motion Blur, Double Exposure, Multi Lens, Wet Plate. You can also add film types and frames too

DSC_3473Here is one I did, using all custom settings………….I think I used most of them!

Wet Plate, Blur, Motion, Light Leak, Lens Distortion, Bokeh, Photo Plate, Dirt and Scratches, and a film strip frame. It kind of looks like a photo from the 70’s huh? That damaged Kodachrome from a bad instamatic camera……….OK so it does kind of ruin the original image, but it is a lot of fun!


Well I have had fun and I am sure you will see plenty more images using this program in the future, I loved it. Til next time, happy snapping…


Cover Makeover 2016 – Week 1

For those of you that know me, you know I love a good challenge and one of my favourites last year was the PhotoRehab101 Cover Makeover ran by Desley & Lucile. I was so sad when they decided not to run it again this year (due to other commitments) …………but they asked Me if perhaps I could take the reins! I have never really run a challenge like this, so I hope I can do them both proud. I decided to start with a new Cover MakeOver badge, for a new year.¬†So here goes…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Every week I will announce a new Book Cover, Movie Poster or CD/Album Cover and you can all get truly creative and post your own version. Of course I am only too happy to take suggestions, so suggest away. And don’t forget to tag your post with #CoverMakeOver. Everyone was so creative last year, it was truly amazing and a lot of fun.

Every Thursday, I will run a post featuring all the wonderful and different versions. I will then I announce the new subject matter for the week ahead.

OK so our first offering for 2016 is (Drumroll please)…

Storm Boy – Colin Thiele

Storm Boy is a Classic Australian children’s book by Colin Thiele about a boy and his pelican.¬†The book concentrates on the relationships he has with his father, the pelican, and an outcast Aboriginal man called Fingerbone. It has long been considered an Australian Classic, although perhaps in 2016 a bit dated, it was written in 1964.

Synopsis –¬†Storm Boy likes to wander alone along the fierce deserted coast among the dunes that face out into the Southern Ocean. After a pelican mother is shot, Storm Boy rescues the three chicks, and nurses them back to health. He names them Mr Proud, Mr Ponder and Mr Percival. After he releases them, his favourite, Mr Percival, returns. The story then concentrates on the conflict between his lifestyle and the externally imposed requirement for him to attend a school, and the fate of the pelican.

You can Re Cover either the Book or the Movie or combine them together.Don’t forget to Ping back to this page and Tag your post #CoverMakeOver so I can find them. I do hope you all hop on board, even though Desley and Lucile are no longer hosting this challenge, I am sure they will drop by every now and then and hopefully join in as well. I will post a new challenge, and the new covers every Thursday.

Finally, here is my version of Storm Boy, with Mr Percival.

Julie Powell_StormBoy-1