Tuesday’s Tales – Writer’s Block?

Normally when I write a post for Tuesday’s Tales I try to write something insightful, or funny from a weekend shoot. Or at least about a shoot……….nothing to report this week. In fact this week I am already feeling a little burn out; how is that even possible – it’s only like the first week of Feb!

For the last month it’s been Go! Go! Go!, and now it’s like eehh, whatever. Do you have days like that? or weeks? Like Writers Block, but for the digital art variety. I know in my Photoshop Artistry course, they say just play around, try different things; even if you aren’t feeling particularly creative. But honestly today I just can’t be bothered. I just want to sit on the back verandah with the dog, a cuppa and read a book; alas I have to work!

What do you do when you suffering from the ‘Blahs’? Someone once told me to take it and run, enjoy it and eventually it will all come back. I don’t stress over it like I used to, but it does make coming up with a post a bit tricky…………or does it?

Anyway I thought I would showcase another recent artwork; Suburban Serenity


Look familiar? The alleyway was used in a shot for Cee’s B&W challenge recently


Hopefully I will be back next week with something a little more interesting than the fact that I’m bored and really can’t be bothered to do anything! Sorry about that.