52 Week Challenge – Week 5

Hi, our challenge for this week was ‘Our World’, which of course could mean almost anything; so far I have seen a lot of kids, dogs, spouses, studios and various other images. Someone got clever and took a photo of a crumpled puppet sitting in a dark corner……….I know that feeling sometimes too!


But this was my image. Yes my Hubby and kids and animals are my world, so is my camera, but this is an image that speaks to my artistic soul. I love the ocean, the waves, the wind in my hair, the salt spray (OK so NOT the sand flies chomping on my skin this day), I love the feel of being on a sailboat racing through the waves or just floating on a sea of calm. I can watch the waves for hours, and if it’s a deserted beach, even better.

So I guess this is the world of my artistic muse.

Til next time, happy snapping……