Manic Mondays

A Nice balance this week, a mix of homework, relaxing and getting out and about to shoot. I had a week last week where my creative Mojo took a little bit of a break, but I think it is now back on track.

Moth hurt his back last week, so we took things nice and easy for a few days, we were planning on going into the City on the weekend, so much going on, but a long day (& evening) carting around backpacks, camera gear and tripods was not what he needed right now, so we spent a relaxing afternoon at home. Shame there is always so much on in Melbourne over summer and it is quickly drawing to a close.

Sunday we met up with some other togs at Blue Water Lotus Garden in Yarra Junction…… was HOT and it was humid, the fact that some of the ponds are heated, makes for a very warm morning spent on an already hot Melbourne day! But the lotus and lilies are stunning and only around for a few months, makes my own lilies look at a little pathetic.


I think I want some lotus next summer myself! Just a hint for now, I’m still going through my photos and will post more soon.

We then spent the afternoon driving around new areas up in the Dandenongs, unfortunately some places we thought might be good, weren’t so great……….Duffy’s Lookout for instance gives a great view of………………………GRAVEL! seriously? Cardinia Lake wasn’t too exciting, neither was Aura Vale Lake. We used to go there as kids, and even when our kids were little. Oh well it was a lovely drive in an air conditioned car. 🙂

This weekend we host our Astro Shoot workshop, was people to a few attendees this morning and they are all really keen and excited, I hope the weather doesn’t disappoint.

I’ll leave it there for now, til next time, happy snapping…………