Tales from the Shoot – Summer Night Skies

DSC_2934-EditAs I am sure you have all heard me babble on about the Astro 101 Workshop that Moth and I ran over the weekend……..it was a complete bust as far as the Summer night skies was concerned. Working with Mother Nature can be amazing and have it’s rewards, but she can be unpredictable. We also knew when we first arranged this shoot over a month ago, we had NO control over the weather. I had been watching the weather report for days, looking at satellite forecasts and such. Hoping for the best, but knowing deep down it was going to be no good. Still you never know.

I went prepared with sparklers, glow sticks and torches in case we wanted to try some light painting; but they were never used. Moth and I had decided to spend the whole weekend down there, so if it was a waste of time, at least we didn’t have far to travel.

All day the numbers attending was dropping, early on every time someone dropped out someone else jumped in. We had set our limit to 20, figuring at least 1/3 would be no shows. We had been booked out early with a rather large wait list. Final numbers settled on 16 with about 12 (plus me and Moth) actually attending. We met in our pre arranged meeting point and we took them all up to our ‘Spot’. It was early evening and the sunset was about 45 minutes away. Most split off and quickly went exploring down on the beach.The clouds did make for a glorious sunset, so that was a real win.


It was at about this point the clouds which had stayed away all day quickly started to roll in and they just kept coming.By the time it was dark it was very cloudy, some left feeling it was a complete waste, although I felt there was still something that could be gained.

By nightfall, our numbers had dropped to roughly 8, which had me on my toes. There were so many different cameras, I only know Nikon, so it was good the attendance was small; trying to figure out how to change various settings on cameras I do not know was frustrating and challenging. They all learnt the basics and we had a brief break in the clouds were everyone was madly shooting, there was a few excited shouts when we could actually see the Milky Way in the sky, and even more shouts when a lucky few managed to capture it. They all knew that none of the shots that were captured that night were very good, but I think most of them were happy with what they learnt and would be able to continue on their own.

Some, now knowing the basics were already keen to attempt other areas, and methods of Astro Photography, and asked if we could run another workshop. I was by this stage exhausted and I hadn’t managed a single shot myself past sunset. I was kind of glad by the time the clouds had completely closed in and we all called it a night by about 10:30.

Will I run another one, perhaps, but not just yet. I think I prefer to run casual meet ups in gardens and things where everyone can do their own thing. Workshops are a lot of work.I apologise for using the same old shots, but I have nothing else new to add.


Anyway til next time, happy snapping………….