One Four Challenge – Feb 2016

I can’t believe I missed the start of this challenge, one of my favourites! So I have some catching up to do. Check out all the details on Robyn’s page over at Captivate Me.

So here is an image I took on the weekend, I have treated it twice to make up for what I have already missed :-). The first image is the original, slightly dull and the horizon line is annoying.


My first image I increased the saturation of the colours and added almost a HDR effect, then added a High Pass filter overlay to add some depth to the lines. I then added a timber panel overlay to give a sense of being painted on some old wood.


My second image I created a more abstract feel in Topaz Impressions and then re colour it in Topaz Restyle. I love how the change of colour and abstraction gives it a moody, painterly feel.  There is just enough detail to make out the image.DSC_3510-Edit-2

Til next time, happy snapping…



20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Feb 2016

  1. Hey Jules, I made it! I’ve been here a few times to comment and keep getting called away… Not this evening though 😃
    Really like your subject this month – reminds me of the inland lakes/dams we have here in Australia. Both editions are so interesting. The first with its lines and textures and the second, with its wonderful brush strokes. Very nice!
    So happy you’re enjoying our challenge 😃


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