Summer Outings – Sorrento

So this weekend was our big Astro Photography Workshop, we had decided as it was Valentine’s Day we would get a BnB and stay down the Peninsula for the weekend. We stayed at Whitehall Lodge in Sorrento, a lovely old style lodging house right near the surf beach. Granted it could have done with a little TLC, but our late booking left us with few options. Still it had a lot of character, it was clean and comfortable.

So we arrived Saturday in Sorrento and spent the afternoon exploring the surf beach as well as Portsea Beach, we went back and explored more of London Bridge. It was a lovely way to spend some time exploring the beach and soaking up some sun.Moth explored the rock pools and I watched the surfers and families on the beach.

All afternoon the skies remained clear, which was what we needed for our Astro 101 workshop. Unfortunately the later it became, the more cloud appeared. 70% cloud cover had been predicted. We did have a glorious sunset to make up for the fact that the sky remained mostly hidden. Some left, fearing it was a waste of time, but most that stayed still learnt the basics and attempted some shots granted, most got very little, but were happy with the workshop overall. I was so busy giving everyone instructions and individual help, I didn’t get any shots in myself, no real loss. Here is a few from our wonderful sunset.

Well that’s about it, we spent the next day out at Fort Nepean, but I’ll leave that for my next post