Daily Post – Evasive Action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

I rarely write a daily post anymore, my thing as it turns out, is more photographic than written. But I thought I’d try my hand at it again today.

I don’t really like secrets, knowing them, creating them or finding out about them. Surprises can be nice, I suppose, but a surprise is not really a secret so much, is it? I get the reason some people feel the need to keep secrets, somethings need to stay hidden in order for people to move forward, deep dark secrets. I don’t think I really have any secrets myself. I tell myself lies (one chocolate biscuit wont matter, go on have another chip you walked so far today), I have been known to embellish the truth on occasion; sure I have shot a few weddings (does 2 count as a few?) Honestly, that spider was soooooooooo BIG (even if dead it has curled up to a ball the size of a pinhead)!

I have been known to occasionally omit certain aspects of the truth

BOSS – Can you finish that report by close today

ME – Not sure Boss, I am so very, very busy today (With writing my own blog post, lol. Who wants to finish up another boring report?), but I can try.

That dress is gorgeous! (Especially if you left it on the coat hanger!)

I am also a really bad liar, If someone does try to tell me a secret, I am like hell no, I can’t keep my mouth shut, don’t put this pressure on me. Then when someone looks at me, they KNOW I’m hiding something.I’m one of those nervous gigglers, you know the sort, frequently giggle at inappropriate times (my personal favourite is job interviews and client meetings).

Then there is the need to know, obviously I am told things in my job, which other people do not need to know.Like, yes I got my bonus, but you did such a bad job last quarter you won’t be getting yours.So and So is not coming back to work, I am unsure of the reason why.  No, we will not be stocking that model anymore, as we have sold out (It was a dog and we removed it from sale) It’s not so much a secret as there is no need for other people to know it.Just like if I buy more clothes, there is no need to tell my husband about it, he will seem them eventually, no secret here.

I think I am getting off track here, have I ever had a really big secret and did it ever come out?

I could tell a lie and say I am really a secret agent for MI5, CIA or ASIO, but let’s face it I don’t think ANYONE is going to believe that.