52 Week Challenge – Week 7, Love

This week’s theme was Love, mainly I guess as Sunday was Valentine’s Day. Love can mean many things,there is the love of a sport or job, love for a child, a love shared between a couple. I spent some time watching people at the beach and spotted various version of perceived love, Moth and I managed a romantic Selfie (He drew the heart in the sand, awwwwwwww). I was not sure which image to use so I put a few to some peers and asked which they though was the best representation of Love.

Some liked the little surfer dude, however most all said the Family Love, so I decided in the end to go with this one. Simple, fun, yet powerful, the boundaries of family are many and varied, but the ties that bind are all the same; LOVE.


Til next time, happy snapping………..


5 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge – Week 7, Love

  1. Why do some people hate so much those people that don’t belong in their “group”? Why do some people hate those people whose color is different from theirs? Why do some people hate those people whose belief is different from theirs? No need to answer, my fellow CIA, just some thoughts that came up in my mind upon reading your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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