Manic Mondays

After last weekend’s mini holiday we were ready for a quiet one this weekend just gone. Sometimes you have to put on your adult hat and say “OK enough play, time to get some serious work done”, it’s not as much fun; but the lawns don’t cut themselves, the housework fairies are on strike and, well, weeds don’t pull themselves out. Besides most of my Tog friends are all away at Apollo Bay, sure I could have gone too, but I was down there two months ago (and away last weekend), so we decided to spend the weekend at home catching up on a few odd jobs.

Just as well, I got a phone call from my builder to say, at long last he is coming to build our new back deck! Yay. I can see another photo series coming up, can you? So this left us this weekend to move and re home all the stuff that is currently out there (we have an uneven, patched and cracked concrete patio in much need of removing). We moved into our house 15 years ago, it was a nice house, structurally sound, but in need of some renovating and updating. We have done both bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry, the gardens, lounge rooms and bedrooms, this just left this horrible mess which was a lot of back breaking work for Moth. So I decided it was time to bite the bullet, so to speak and pay someone else to do the back breaking labour!

Of course to go with the new timber deck I will need a new Outdoor table and chairs, possibly some new cushions and accessories; so I will have to do some serious shopping over the next week or so as well, oh dear (the pressure lol).I know First World Problems, right?

On another note, I had a photo shoot with a gorgeous young dancer, Megan. Trust me you will see her face again, we had such a great time and took some wonderful head and body shots for her portfolio. She has agreed to work with me on some of my own projects as well in the future.


The featured image is one I have been playing with for my Awake course, wasn’t sure where to display it, so I figured here would do, enjoy!


Well that’s about it for now, I will post some pics of the deck as the old is dismantled and the new is constructed.

til next time, happy snapping………….