Manic Mondays

Not so Manic this Monday, more just tired. I actually had 4 day weekend (I know, lucky me right?) due to the renovations. Mind you I did spend two days giving the house a good Spring (or is that Summer) clean. It was mostly relaxing and I have been spending a bit of time creating some art, I did a couple of soft, flowery images of my nieces.

Flower Fairy_Sm
Flower Fairy

See, not everything is dark and moody!

Last night Moth, Daughter No.1, Myself and some friends did a late night Ghost Tour of Pentridge Prison (Now closed) but it housed many infamous characters and criminals, but more on that another post; I promise. But it did mean we did not get home until very late, and then rising early this morning for the builder to complete the last areas of the deck (well I hope). I then had to come to work 😦

Anyway this week, I will post the usual challenge posts, it is my first week hosting CoverMakeOver (I do hope everyone has a try at it). I haven’t really got much else to say……..I will do a post on Pentridge, once I have had time to go through the photos (I wonder if I got any ghosts?). And perhaps maybe a post on the deck. Meanwhile here is another composite image, this one has been VERY well received, I hope you like it.

Grass is greener_Sm
The Grass is always Greener

Til next time, happy snapping (yawn)…