One Four Challenge – Feb, Week 4

Another month has come to an end, and our Summer in Australia is started to draw to a close. That means days are getting shorter, but not necessarily cooler; I’m hoping for a lovely Indian Summer. Week 4 is out final challenge week for this month of Robyn’s One Four Challenge and I thought I would challenge myself a little and learn a new plugin for Photoshop – Nik Analogue Effects Pro. Such a cool program.


So I took the original image (no adjustments) and opened Nik Analgue Effects. I started playing with different styles, but I really liked the Wet Plate looks for this photo. I tweaked some of the setting and added a nice lens blur to the edges, some additional noise and scratches, and added a slight rose cast to the image………I really like the fingerprints in the emulsion, such a unique touch.

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I still really love my Week 2 Image, just something about the warm tones, the abstract quality. I could see it on a large canvas.

Til next time, happy snapping…