As Summer Draws to a Close…

Yesterday was February 29th, last day of Feb and a Leap Year to Boot. But it does signal the end of Summer for us here in the Southern Hemisphere. While you in the North all  (well mostly) look forward to the Spring, we have Autumn Colour fast approaching. Hopefully we get an Indian Summer with warm to hot days, but cooler nights. Personally I am not ready to say goodbye to Summer, it was such a great year for us, even though it really was not very hot.

There is still one more post, a Ghost Tour we did, but that will be up tomorrow. Wow, looking back over it all it has been a wonderful few months, throw in Christmas and New Year, catching up with family and friends; it has been quite eventful. I have more stuff organised for March and April and then it goes a little quiet; I am sure I’ll find some mischief to get up too.

My Photography group has quite a few activities planned over the next few months, I am hosting another event, this time Autumn Colours in a Local Botanic Gardens, there is a couple of planned weekends away, but more on those later. Meanwhile I will leave you with a gallery of some of the spots we have visited.