House Renovations – The New Back Deck

As I mentioned on Monday, last weekend was a mad panic to get everything ready for the builder to start on the new back deck. This has been years in the planning, the whole will we / won’t we? Finally I decided WE WILL and called in for several quotes. Funny thing is only one guy actually turned up. Apparently deck building must be a lucrative job; as I had money to give, but no one wanted it seemed, apart from Saint Mark. Mark is a friend of a friend of Dad’s…… know how that goes. Anyway his work is excellent from all accounts, photos and previous clients. So way back before Christmas, he dutifully came out, measured up, discussed a few ideas and gave us a very reasonable quote. He then scheduled us in for sometime early 2016, as he was very busy (well apparently no one else was working, so Mark was getting lots of work). True to his word it is still early 2016, he arrived on time, on the promised day with Jack Hammer in hand, ready to commence.

Before demolition

Day 1

Involved breaking up all that horrible, crumbling, uneven concrete (I felt like crowing with delight when I saw it all gone!) and then Saint Mark manually carted all the broken concrete out to a rather large skip. Moth was under strict instructions (from me, I am paying good money for someone else to do the work, no need for him to break his back nor have a heart attack!) not to help or interfere! Mark then careful measured and levelled all the dirt.

Day 2

Involved digging the holes for the literally dozens and dozens of concrete stumps. When Saint Mark arrived early in the morning, shovel in hand I asked if he planned on digging ALL the holes himself, he said sure, hard work is good for you! It was not 20 minutes later he went looking for a post hole digger as my dirt was hard compacted and worse than the concrete was! Anyway a whole (hole hahahaha) day later, all holes finally dug. Of course the dog, Buddy promptly fell in one, so the dogs are no longer allowed out there without adult supervision!(Looks like gophers have been at it hehehe).

Day 3

Then Mark spent a day placing the stumps and filing with more concrete and dirt. The timber was all delivered and carried around to the back yard.There was a slight moment of panic when Mark could not locate his car keys and we both stood there looking at ALL the once was holes, all now filled! Oh dear….said keys finally located in truck.

Day 4

No builders and technically no images either (sorry, just not much to see), plumbing got moved, but it’s all underground.

Day 5

Another bright early morning, after a very late night (Ghost Tour), Saint Mark on board and putting in joists and bearers.

This is where I will leave you (and Me) all in suspense, Saint Mark has an urgent job elsewhere and will be off site for a day or two. He promises to have it all finished by the end of the week, so that will be another post for next week.