Cover Make Over Week 1 – Recap

It was great to get this challenge back on track, a big thank you to Trev and Sarah who participated.

Trev Jones from Silly Old Sod, I just adore those storm clouds, great job.

Trev Jones _Storm Boy

Sarah Vernon from First Night Design

Who created this cover using Searching the Sands as my background before adding an Australian pelican photograph by Toby Hudson which I found on  Wikimedia. This she layered over the Sands image in Photoshop’s Screen mode.

#covermakeover Week 1 STORM BOY
Original & vintage art © First Night Design []
And last, but by no means least, is my version. I added the image of Mr Percival from another photo and added some shadows, then I ran through Topaz Impressions Coloured Pencil filter. I then added some adjustment layer and increased the saturation and contrast a touch. Finally added the text font is Admiration Pains from 1001Fonts.

Julie Powell_StormBoy-1

Hopefully next week we can get a few more participants.If you did participate and I have not included your piece, please drop me a line and send me the link.