One Photo Focus – March

I love OPF Challenge for one main reason (apart from the fact it’s a lot of fun) is that it really pushes me. We never know what the image is going to be, Stacy surprises us each month with something new. And every month I dutifully download the image and quite often think “Where do I start with this”, occasionally it’s like Bingo! I KNOW exactly what to do with this and sometimes I just have to leave it on my desktop for a few days. I keep looking at it and then an idea or two emerge. Sometimes I give up, open it in PS and start dragging in textures, overlays, make several copies and run through Topaz Impressions, Adjust or Re Style, or even some Nik Efex, blend it all in together, scratch it and start again. That is how this months photo was. I have nicknamed it A Moment in Time, which is what all photos really are.Julie Powell_March_OPF

The original image was taken and submitted by Nancy Merrill, if you look really, really hard, you can still see  remnants of it.


So basically I took it into Photoshop, ran an abstract Topaz Impressions filter, and then added heaps of textures, extractions, then I started thinking about fractured moments in time and added the clock parts, then ran the hands through the liquefy filter. So many other things, adjustment layers, gradient filters and more. If you want to check out all of the other entries, please visit Stacy’s page.

Til next time, happy snapping…