Manic Mondays


So what did you do on your weekend? I got to spend several hours with this stunning creature and her big burly bikie friend (The Harley Davidson was very pretty too!!) WOW, what a day, trust me I will do a whole post on this event. When a group of Togs decide to get creative, there is no stopping us. It was so much fun, plus I learned a lot.

The deck is now finished. Just waiting for it to weather a bit before oiling it, now to wait for the new furniture to arrive! Dogs love it too. I managed to sell the old table and chairs, the old buffet, the old boxing bag (no one ever seemed to use anymore), good old Ebay!


I then spent Sunday working in the studio, for some projects I have been wanting to get started and then pretty much all day on the PC. Not really much else to say, but I will have some really cool images for posts this week!


Til next time, I hope you all have a truly awesome week and happy snapping…