House Renovations – The new Deck, a follow Up

Day 6 & 7, was a rest day as Mark was off site; actually it was a shopping day, picked out all the new furniture! So exciting.

Day 8

Mark was here nice and early to try and avoid the heat that we have been having, he got most of the decking boards in and one lot of steps, it is so exciting to see it all coming together.

Day 9

And we are done, taking in weekends and the time Mark was off site, it took 7 days to complete and what a job, such a transformation..we love it.

We need to get the new furniture delivered and then in 6-8 weeks (once it has weathered a bit, we can oil this puppy! Already the animals have taken over to warm themselves on the timber in a patch of sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon. The dogs love to race around in circles, as there is so much room!

I will have to post some pics in a few weeks once I have all the furniture and nic naks and it is oiled to perfection!

til next time, happy snapping…