Summer Outings – Studio Workshop

As promised on Monday, here is the post about my studio shoot from the weekend. This was a Workshop set up with my Photography group that I regularly shoot with. Hard to believe this group will be 1 year old on March 17th! We have done so much and come so far, with over 500 members and excursions and workshops happening all the time, and not just weekends.

So there was 8 of us in total, 7 participants and the person running it, Peter B. We arrived at his house nice and early on a overcast humid Melbourne Saturday, where he had set up his garage with a black backdrop and studio lights, we were using two strobe lights, a softbox with continuous light (occasionally), some natural light and a flash. Our Model for the day was the gorgeous Rachelle James.

Peter explained how he envisioned everything working for the day, and advised various settings and went through basics on flash photography off camera, sync flash etc. We then played around a little bit, taking it in turns to shoot and sit, as A) not a huge amount of room for everyone to shoot at once B) Peter had 2 remote triggers.

Once Rachelle arrived we arranged clothing, accessories, and we chose what positions, sitting, standing, moving lights, flashes to how we wanted it. The rule was who ever had the remote trigger was in charge. We would take say 10-15 shots and move on to the next person. It worked really well, we could even shoot over someone’s shoulder etc without the flash! It was all getting a bit cheeky, but we are all good mates!

Then Frank turned up on his Harley Davidson, and we then got to push Frank around too (politely – he is a big burly bikie afterall), but he really seem to enjoy it too, I mean with a gorgeous creature like Rachelle all over him and his bike, why wouldn’t he?

I honestly have so many more photos, but they are quite similar to what we have here, we all joined in and had our portraits taken as well, the lollipops was someones idea for a cute bit of fun, I even had a rare portrait taken by one of the guys.

We played with front flash and rear curtain flash………..I have not put many here as mine were not that great, need to work on that technique.

We finally called it a day about 5pm, as Rachelle was getting tired (So was I), apparently after I left, a few stayed on and played a little more, using themselves as the models, but I had more than enough to work with. Β And because as a general rule none of us have a life outside of photography, we were all editing and uploading images to our groups Facebook page all evening, lol. Others in the group were really impressed and I think Peter B will have to run a lot more of these workshops in the future. I was privileged to be in the first one.

Oh did I mention they had a dog? Just a teeny tiny one, he is still growing at 65kg!

This is Chairman

Our group had 5 separate excursions on that day and all were well attended, just goes to show there is plenty of interest in Photography here in Melbourne. I guess the next step is perhaps showing some of these togs how to do some basics edits……..this came up on the weekend that not too many of them now HOW to edit their photos. We run workshops as Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, with lots of help from fellow attendees at Beginners Workshops, on HOW to take a great pic, but not what to do with it after.

Well that is about all, I am sure I will probably post a few more pics from time to time from this workshop……….I still have loads to get through.

Til next time, happy snapping…