Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge, Week 18, Contrasting Colours

Last week I won Cee’s Gold Star for my post on complementary colours, such a lovely surprise, and so many nice things about my pictures……always a bonus! So thank you.

This week Cee takes us through Contrasting colours, I love a good contrast but as Cee explains, in nature it does not really happen all that often.Mostly I have gone for bright contrast flowers against a backdrop of greenery, of course there is red and green for Christmas (even if it is desaturated). The Blue and white is not technically a colour contrast but the blue ducks certainly pop against the stark white……a partial French flag with its blue, white and red……….and the last one is my sweet nephew; I really wanted the colours to POP! the reds, yellows, blues and orange…….I love it and so does his parents! Cool Dude indeed…..wow he’s like 5 months old now


I actually found it really hard to find certain colour contrasts in nature, I must admit as much as they are striking, most of my images are more muted and using complementary colours or B&W. This challenge is really quite interesting as it makes you examine your image more intensely and you start to notice things in the way you shoot and even opens your eyes to more possibilities, you may not have tried before.

Til next time, happy snapping…