Contemplation – Week 3

This week Desley from Musing of a frequent flying scientist asks the question…

What do you like to do in your “me” time?

I must admit that like Desley, Me Time is not necessarily alone time, although I so rarely get any Me Time as alone time, I savour those moments and take full control of the remote………..or curl up with the dog on the couch with a book and a coffee. Sometimes it’s a bit of retail therapy. On even rarer occasions a massage. Bliss.

But in general Me Time is just time away from my 9-5, it doesn’t matter if it’s chilling with friends over a drink or two or coffee, dinner with friends or even the family, me time is time spent with the ones I love.

I mostly love to be out with my camera, exploring the world, or shooting in the studio. Even when I am out shooting I pretty much usually have Moth with me, or I am with other people, even when I am in the study editing or working on some creative project, I am rarely alone, someone is always after my attention; hubby, children, animals. I don’t mind, they are my life and I would have it no other way.

Sometimes…after a particularly stressful day (like today) I make myself a coffee and go and sit in my Zen corner of the garden, my little piece of paradise and enjoy the nature all around me, watch the animals, birds, and insects in my garden, I feel completely invisible and for a few minutes I can breathe deeply and enjoy the moment…….until I hear someone calling me!

What’s your Me Time?