Autumn Outings – Wilson Botanic Gardens

My First Autumn post for 2016, time sure does fly. Those who have been following me for awhile will be no stranger to these gardens and may remember them from a Winter Outings 2015, Groovy Baby, Groovy shoot, or even Summer 2014. I love these gardens, any time of the year and decided to introduce them to some photographer friends. This time I did not have the dogs with me, they sat at home sulking! But we met a WHOLE group of people and their dogs, all getting ready for a huge group shot, so we all joined in.

So we met at 11:000am at the entrance, only a small group of us on this excursion, apparently gardens don’t quite have the pulling power as a train museum (the other excursion on that day, but we have already been). It was grey, overcast, glaring and humid, the turtles were out, most of the water lilies & roses have gone, not as much Autumn colour as I was hoping, but still very pretty. Anyway there really isn’t too much else to say, so I’ll just post a gallery!

Til next time, happy snapping…