Cover Make Over – Cher, Believe

Welcome back for another week of Cover Make Over; this time I have picked a Music Cover, Cher – Believe from 1998, with hits such as Believe and Strong Enough. I had so many album covers to choose from, seriously, Google bad album covers from 1990s.But I felt this one could be a lot of fun.

Cher_BelieveNot that there is really anything wrong with this cover, it’s just so boring. I think with a title like believe, it could have been so much more.So that is your goal for this week to make a new album cover for Cher…….something magical & romantic perhaps?

I used one of the digital art images I have created lately, as it seemed to fit this album and what good is digital art if it has no purpose? I would love to see one of my pieces as an album cover.

This was a composite image of the ballerina placed over the background with the window (a castle perhaps), I then changed the colour of her dress to more rose than stark white, added some texture and colour gradients, the sparkler is a special image I got and blended over the top and then masked out areas I did not want. I added some shadows and highlights, so the sparkler lit up her face and the just recently added the text with inner shadow effects…………all done in Photoshop.


Don’t forget to tag your post with #CoverMakeOver and have fun, it’s all about YOUR creative spirit and imagination.