Contemplation – Week 4

Desley from Musing of a frequently flying scientist puts to us each week a prompt from her KikkiK A Sentence a Day Journal. I have enjoyed the honesty and self reflection the group has so far written and the responses from people who have read my post.

Name one thing you should do more often.

As Desley said all the normal boring stuff, eat less and more healthy, walk more, drink more water, read more books, watch less TV. All that goes without saying and it is something we should all do, but to the main crux of the question.

I need to chill, sounds kind of dumb and obvious doesn’t it? As a Wife and Mother of two I have spent the last 25 years of my live (more than half my life) seeing to their needs. I have raised two mostly loving, smart, funny, independent daughters……who still live at home and neither can apparently put a dish in the dishwasher unless asked. I still cook, clean, do food shopping, wash clothes and cater to their whim, Moth’s as well.Then there are the animals, constantly needing feeding, cleaning, walking, cleaning up after, I only wanted a dog……just one, but then everyone wanted their own pet, so we ended up with four, plus the two turtles!

Look don’t get me wrong, Moth usually does the cat litter and dog poop in the back yard.He also looks after the fish and turtle tanks and ponds, the spa, he cleans the shower, does the ironing and generally does any hand washing of pots and pans etc.So it’s not like I do EVERYTHING, it just feels like it some days, lol.

We lead such a hectic life, I like to come home from my 9-5 job, make a coffee (or better yet someone make one for me) and sit in my new favourite Zen Corner (the chairs in the top pic) and just chill…….not really doing anything, just breathe and chill. Sometimes someone will join me, one of the girls, Moth or even an animal. As long as they are not making demands on my time, it’s OK. If they are asking how was your day, that’s OK too (unless it was really bad and I don’t want to discuss it).

I have decided it’s time to be a little selfish, I have read the riot act to the kids, at least one night a week they are responsible for dinner, I don’t care if they cook or get take away, I don’t pay and I don’t get involved, I just eat it. They have to pay board, they have to occasionally clean their area and ours (without being asked), they need to help out occasionally with shopping, and they need to give me time; alone, quiet peaceful time, to chill and work on my art, my assignments, my projects – whatever. I have given them all 25 years, now it is time to take some time out for me.

I am still Mum, I still cater to their every whim, I just can’t help it, it’s been my life force for so long, but I really need to work on my assertiveness with them more.

OK So that’s it, rant over………what do you need to do more?

P.S. Moth stands for Man of The House