Autumn Wanderings – Clifton Springs Jetty

We had our first taste of Autumn over the weekend, after being hot and humid all week, we had a temperature drop of over 15C, it was grey, drab, cold, windy and lots of rain. Melbourne at it’s worst.I would happily have taken a dark threatening moody sky, but no we just got grey! So this is the weather we faced when we met with some Photographer friends at an old jetty in Clifton Springs………quite a distance from where we live, so it meant an early start, and lots of coffee. Our mission for the day was ND (Neutral Density) Long exposures. I had just recently purchased brand new Formatt Hitech ND10 and ND16 filters and we were very keen to try them out.See what I mean about drab and grey?

ISO 100, F/9, 32mm 90 Seconds ND 16

My other issue I had (apart from colourless skies) is the light leak, there is a light band across the middle of the image, in colour this is bright red, there is another green band across the bottom. It’s not on every photo, but most, making my images useless, unless they are B&W and heavily edited. Apparently the Nikon D7100 has a ridiculously sensitive Toshiba sensor which is easily affected by light leaks. It really has not been much of a problem until recently. I purchased some cheap Cokin filters and had this bizarre colour cast (I assumed it was the cheap filters), I cover my viewfinder with a hat, apparently my hat does not always completely block out the light coming through the viewfinder or bouncing back off reflective surfaces, like water and sand. I need something else. Sure the camera came with a little cover, but it is pretty small, useless and very quickly lost.Did I mention it only happens on long exposures? I am thinking something similar to a shower cap design made from heavy material.

So we finished up at the jetty and a few of us decided that S.S. Ozone wreck was not far away, so we went and shot there as well.

Then because St. Leonards was not much further we went and shot thereΒ too, finally starting to get some colour in the sky by then (and of course the water).


Then as it was getting quite late we decided to head into Queenscliffe, a little further down the road. We had a lovely (albeit late) lunch at a cafe and then wandered the streets. Queenscliffe is a beach town, it hosts a port for the ferry to Mornington Peninsula and various other vessels. There is no shortage of cafes, bakeries, arts and crafts, surf shops and more; so we did a little retail therapy (bought several goodies) and took pictures of the old buildings. There is also a White and Black Lighthouse here, which I have posted about previously. So I visited the Black again for new pics (I really find the white one quite ugly).

I really wanted to go to Point Lonsdale again as well, but we spent so much time at Queenscliffe and had to catch the last ferry back to Portsea. The ferry is a lovely way to travel, no traffic and you can grab a coffee and chat, or sleep. We had dolphins with us for some of the trip across the bay, sadly no photos; they were very quick. Once docked we did the now very familiar drive from Mornington Peninsula back home.

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…