Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Sweet

It’s quite fitting this week’s challenge from Hugh is sweet, what with Easter just days away. It’s true Easter has different meanings for different people, for me it is 4 days or Holiday not Holy day………but that’s just me. I do agree it also means the Easter Bunny, however my Easter treats are Gluten & Lactose free, and slightly boring 😦


I generally do not photograph food, I don’t really have anything on file and I am currently in no position to be out shooting. However I do have this photo and a short tale of pure sweetness.

This is a photo of wild blackberries, in my youth my grandparents used to look after me and my brother due to my Mothers poor health, and we would often wander the nearby trails around their home. In late Summer I have fond memories of picking wild blackberries on our walks my Nana would say we will take them home for dessert, knowing full well my brother and I had stuffed ourselves full of them already, with our blackberry stained lips and faces! Oh the sweet simple days of youth.