Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Geometry

When I started this challenge I thought it will be good to brush up on art theory from school, good for my art and my photography; and it has, it has got me thinking. This week’s challenge on Geometry in Photography has me scratching my head. Have I never really noticed these shapes before? It was actually a little more difficult than I first thought, I hope I did it correctly………I possibly missed some geometric shapes, in some of the images, as I was trying to find less obvious ones.

I tried not to go for cush obvious shapes, windows and doors in buildings etc. They are a bit rough perhaps, but you get the idea. I have found squares and rectangles and triangles, just realised there are no circles……..perhaps I should have added some to the fruit? Does this have some hidden meaning that the shapes I found are not round or does round happen less often? Or am I not looking hard enough?



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