Still Life Series – Painterly Techniques

So last week I ran a few photos through a Pencil Sketch filter in Topaz Impressions, and they looked fabulous, but would I ever print them and hang them in my house? No Probably not and that is the point here isn’t it? I want to create art, but it needs to be something I can be proud of, something I would be happy to have in my house, or I could at least envision something someone would want for themselves. As interesting as this part of the project was, it is time to move on. I guess the upshot, was I proved to myself that I at least knew my theory on light and shadow, shape and form……memory still functions from secondary school!

So this week I am dabbling in more painterly style. While in essence it is still a Still Life project, based on light, shadow, shape and form, it is also about art and pushing my boundaries and testing my limits. Some of the images may seem simple on the service, but when you need to think, and I mean really think about everything from setting up the shoot, lights and processing; you want to keep things simple.Elaborate can come later. I am already thinking about it for future shoots.


One thing I have been learning in my workshops and courses that I am doing, is it does not require an elaborate setting to make a great picture and often keeping it simple (KISS) and just taking good (or even great) photos is half the battle already won.


Then the post processing takes it from the realm of the photograph into the realm of art and imagination. This is where I live in the divide between; well at least WHERE I would LIKE to be.It’s kind of like that dreamy, hazy reality between sleep and awake. Everything is soft and warm and cozy, or moody and dramatic, but still real.

So I have used a combination of Topaz Impressions Painting filters, usually from the Master,; Degas, Renoir, Van Gough, I adore Cezanne and Monet. Then I adjust them for each image and then overlay with various textures to appear more a canvas or thick heavy paper or jute. My Fruit series I wanted a more country feel, French Provincial or Tuscan vibrancy to it all, perhaps even a little abstract?



For my mask series I wanted light, high key & elegant, where as for my flowers this week (roses) I wanted low key and drama, moody drama.



I am thinking of perhaps re-creating some more flamboyant still life set up for next week. I’ll see how I go.So far I am mostly rehashing stuff I have already taken and not fresh each week. Time constraints and all that, if I could give up my 9-5 and just play……….oh would that not be heaven?

Til next time, happy snapping…