Contemplation – Week 5

Just a reminder of what this little challenge is all about: each week, I’m sharing my response to one prompt from my Kikki.K A Sentence a Day Journal and inviting you to join me to share your response as well.

So for week 5, Desley gives us a simple prompt –

What can you smell right now?

It is quite simple, as I sit at my desk (Reading and then) writing this I am eating my breakfast. The same breakfast I usually have, unless I am on holidays; Oatmeal and Coffee. My coffee is just instant, but I enjoy a good cup of instant coffee. My Oatmeal is flavoured with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon, smells heavenly.

Honestly there is not much else to it, smells of my office; pens and paper, just a hint of disinfectant and cleaning solution still lingers in the air, but that is it.

Til next time Happy Snapping…


12 thoughts on “Contemplation – Week 5

  1. Right now it is 6 pm. My wife is in the kitchen cooking pasta. I can barely smell it but that might be because the glass of wine I am drinking has a much bolder smell and is much closer! I enjoyed this post of yours. For some reason it made me smile!

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