Autumn Outings – Little Ballerina Lost

A little while back I did a Fashion Photo Shoot in Melbourne’s iconic Hosier Lane or Graffiti Alley. It was a huge amount of fun, but while we were waiting for our models to show, we were witnessed to another shoot going on…….it was two girls working on a school media project. We were actually asked if we would join in and pose as paparazzi – no real stretch there. In which we could take as many photos as we wanted……….score.

The problem was I did not have my settings right and some of the images are blurry and indistinct………’s funny I love them. I treated most of them with harsh and dramatic filters, such as HDR and high contrast and saturation, as juxtaposed with the idea of a pretty ballerina. One was so blurry I gave it a Degas Dancer filter in Topaz. I think they are kind of cool.

One of the things I love about Melbourne, it is full of creative, energetic people; you NEVER know just what you will find around the next street corner.

Til Next time, travel safe and happy snapping…