Cover Make Over Recap – Week 4

Sarah from First Night Design did two versions, I love her first B&W, it’s brilliant. I also love the extra snippets Sarah always add…… don’t forget to head over and check out her post.

Trevor from Silly Old Sod got creative with silhouettes and masking, with a really cool mad Hatters  Tea Party painting, giving a very dreamy childlike feel to the cover.

This weeks cover make over challenge is a book called, The Story of Alice, by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. I haven’t really strayed too far from the original. I didn’t have anyone I could photograph for Alice, so I took a stock photograph and made a mask. Then the background was an old painting of the Mad Hatters Tea Party which I placed behind the silhouette of Alice, showing the picture more prominently through Alice and lighter for the rest of the background.  Anyway, I was quite pleased with the result.


I was so inspired by Alice this week I not only did a cover (below) I also did this composite image featuring Model, Jema


Til next time, remember to have fun, breathe, relax and create!


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