Cee’s Black and White – Candid Photos

This week Cee has chosen Candid Photos as her B&W Photo Challenge Theme, this is apparently another area I seem to be lacking, not really big on candid shots, nor am I big on street photography (street art yes, people not so much). So I was a little pushed to find a few pics. The fact is I shoot a lot of portraits, nothing really candid in that.

Photographer in Hosier Lane

I love this shot of the photographer in Melbourne’s iconic Hosier Lane, all alone with the crowds of tourists in his background, it’s raw, it’s trashy.

Fellow train traveller

I secretly took a shot of this guy with my smart phone on a train, I have no idea what fascinated me about him, I guess he is indicative of today’s youth headphones (sorry ear buds) in, looking at phone, no admitting to the existence of others?

Rare and elusive shot of my Moth

This is a rare candid shot of my Hubby (M.O.T.H – Man of the house), as you can see it was my whole MPE group with tripods in a row, we were all very comfy, waiting for dark……I think we were light painting this night and it was COLD! Hubby decided to be a smarty pants and I took this snap on my phone………he’ll probably not be very happy I posted it………….baaaaaaaaa he never reads my posts anyway!

girl on car

Now this girl? We pulled into a car park on our Great Ocean Road trip and saw this girl dancing on the roof of the car, music blaring……..there is a guy to the right, just out of shot with a camera……….I hope their roof wasn’t too badly dinted when they were through!

Til next time……….happy snapping;