Daily Post – Refresh

Feeling a little……anxious, for the weekend to start I guess. It’s nearly home time after another boring day (make that week) at the office. I have so many plans for the weekend, I have so many ideas I want to play with in the studio and gardens, sitting here at work watching the clock is literally driving me bonkers.

I have spent a good deal of time this week on my Still Life Be Still_52 week course, lots of reading, watching videos and flicking through Flickr, Instagram and blogs….so much inspiration, so many creative people. My fingers are getting itchy to start clicking.

So what does any of this have to do with the daily post topic? Well as you know most of my images are frequently dark and moody, my digital art often is, that’s for sure.


But I have often felt it belies me in some way; the Ying to my Yang? I like to consider myself a bubbly person; spontaneous, happy, go lucky, optimistically realistic. Sure I have my down days (don’t we all?). If you were to look at my art; would you think I am dark, serious, moody, pessimistic, or light hearted, laid back and relaxed? I want to bring some light, romance, softness and maybe even a little bit of country charm to my images. This one week of still life, has changed the whole direction of my still life project, I feel excited, light hearted and brimming with ideas.


I still have no patience (that hasn’t changed), I still charge like a bull at a gate, I still want to do everything yesterday. But I am learning (slowly) to take things down a notch, think and ‘feel’ my way through a shot, actually setting up simple and not so simple shots to get the feel I was after. Dress and re dress a back ground, a prop, add something here, take something else away………..it’s refreshing

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend, my friends, whatever you do…