Manic Monday

Actually it’s been a fairly cruisy week, not much stress and not much on. Work was work! Nothing new there and I currently don’t have any portrait shoots booked. This allowed me to spend as much time as I wanted on my own projects. I am really getting into my Still Life shoots and instead of making them look like paintings or drawings I have now been focusing on making the photo the art. I Started another online course, this time with Kim Klassen; Be Still 52, she has others as well. I am kind of glad it is self paced, as it is a little slow, in one week I have 26 sessions……granted I have not done all the challenges for each, some of the sessions have no challenge, it’s just watch and learn. It has opened my eyes to a softer, dreamier view on my art.Gave me time to plan what I wanted to do, get some props and drops as Kim calls them to set up quite a few shots and then spend ages doing a whole heap of them – heaven.


I must say I love it, I will do a post on it later this week with some more pics.Kim also is big on simple, easy, relaxed shoots as a form of mediatation; it’s actually kind of cool. It is possibly just what I need. Slow down, relax, take time, have patience…

We have a few overnight photo trips coming up this month, as well some more concept shoots. It is an exciting, albeit a little nervous month ahead. Nervous, you ask? One spot we are going to is so remote it is 4WD access only (really test out Betty Boo) and there is NO HOTEL! We have no camping gear, so we will be sleeping in the car; Yikes! My overwhelming need to shoot in this spectacular spot is the only thing currently stopping me from chickening out. It’s in an Alpine area and even though it is still Autumn they are expecting early snow next week already, how cold will it be in a few weeks?

Actually I have spent a few days mapping out the month ahead, we have lots planned. Isn’t funny, sometimes you have no plans and can just potter about doing your own thing, then the next weekend you are so busy. We have a whole month like this. But it should be lots of fun.

I have finally managed to finish off my images from my Hosier Lane fashion shoot and will post them soon, as well as the usual challenges and stuff. I am continuing my 1 & 5 posts; I do hope you are enjoying them. And of course I will go into more of my Still Life project, I really love the new direction it has taken me.

Til next time, peace, chill, safe travel and happy snapping…