Cover Make Over – What Dreams May Come

Hi Everyone, and welcome to another week, this week we are doing a movie, and it is actually a request of sorts, Robin from Reflections for my Soul, mentioned her favourite movie and I must admit I love this movie too. Robin Williams is truly amazing. From 1998 – What Dreams may come. (The novel was released in 1978);ย After life there is more. The end is just the beginning [Tagline].

This movie won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and the Art Directors Guild Award for Excellence in Production Design. It was also nominated for theย Academy Award for Best Art Direction. It really is a visual feast.


This movie is about love, family, friendships and soul mates. Chris dies in a tragic car accident and at first tries to console his grieving wife, before moving on. Once in Heaven he meets various people from his life on earth, including his long dead child. His wife commits suicide and he is determined to bring her back from hell.

Wikipedia has a longer Synopsis here, it is sad, moving, beautiful fantasy romance, which to be honest had me in tears most of the time, it is beautifully casted, directed, and a visual treat, even from way back then!


My version is much darker, it’s more on the wife crawling her way through Hell, I guess. I created from scratch with many different layers, textures and effects, with a model shot from my own stash. Dark, slightly creepy and very urban…… gives a very surreal feel.


I almost feel she needs to be dirtier? or perhaps broken wings are called for? It is a piece I have been working on a bit since I first completed it for this cover. It’s dark and edgey and raw, something very different from my still lifes I have been doing lately.

Want to join us? Recreate this week’s Cover Make Over, write a post about what you did to create it, or a bit more about the Movie, Music, Book etc, or the characters, writer, actors etc, then create a ping back here; don’t forget to tag #covermakeover.