Still Life – A Little Bit Country

Probably because I am insane, I decided that my Still Life still needed something, I wanted something lighter, softer. I tend to be so dark, moody and dramatic with my artwork I wanted to balance it out. So I started another online course! Yes, you read correctly, another one. This time Kim Klassen Be Still, it’s a 52 week project, but you know I will do it in probably half that time. I did her The Art of Digital Texture class and it was quite enlightening, so was keen to try another. A fellow WP and Awake member is doing it as well and I loved her artwork and was inspired to sign up too. I was so excited and enthusiastic after just a few tutorials I could not wait for daylight, so I could play with some ideas. I must say I was thrilled with my initial results.

Week 2 Challenge – Breathe
Week 4 Challenge – Focal Point

You may have seen a few bits and pieces sneak in on posts as well. Still a touch of drama and moodiness in these, but much lighter and brighter side of my art, don’t you think? I love the softness, the rawness of each image, it’s like getting back to nature. Each image is thought out and placed, each to be simple and honest and I can’t help but make each a little country. I really like the shallow depth of field, allowing just a touch of wood or grass or fabric to show through with the bokeh. Can’t wait to do some more. So many ideas buzzing through my head. And remember, there is ALWAYS room for cookies…

Milk and Cookies-1
Week 17 – Milk & Cookies